Environmentally Friendly Cell Phone Chargers - Safe And Affordable

For those of you out there that are more environmentally conscious, there are far better cell phone charger options for you that are safe and cost effective. Two of the more popular ones are the hydrogen powered cell phone charger and the other is the more popular solar cell phone charger. Both are great alternatives for the regular charger and are reasonably priced.

The solar powered cell phone charger costs between 20-40 US dollars and are increasing in popularity quickly. One of the pros of these charges is that there are models that can actually charge far more than just your regular cell phone. The XTG Technology Premium Solar Charger model actually can charge cell phones, iphones, ipods, and just about most other usb powered devices. It also has a LED reading light and comes equipped with suction cups that you can use to stick to either your windows or your car's windshield.

This is a very popular model as a "all in one" solar charger device. One of the biggest problems or complaints about these cell phones though is that many argue that they run out of power very quickly. Still some others praise them as one the best green products to come out in years for the cell phone. The companies openly admit that the technology is getting better and within the coming years that there will be even better solar cell phone charger products to be created. Either way, the product is out there and for those looking for the green alternative, this is one of the best ways to go.

The only major problem that i can see with this phone charger is that if you need to charge your phone and it is dark, then you are in trouble. What many people then do to solve this issue is to bring along their normal cell phone charger with them. They can store it in their purse or pocket, so they can be safe and never have to worry about running out of juice. And of course there is the other problem for parents, who have children with all types of usb devices. Before they know it, everyone in the house is using it, fighting over it, or misplacing it.

Recently, another big player in this arena is the hydrogen cell phone charger that have also been shown as another environmentally friendly and safe way to charge you phone. This Taiwanese invention is growing in popularity and is estimated to help charge your phone for up to 2 hours of talk time. This is not only an alternative charger but it might even replace your regular power adapters in the coming years say many futurists. Hydrogen is 100% recyclable and this could be the solution for all adapters in the near future. This could be the global leader eco-friendly power alternative for most devices and is something that shows a great deal of promise.

Medis offers a popular product called 24/7 Xtreme Portable Charger Fuel Cell Power Starter Kit. This product, once again, doesn't only charges cell phones, but just about most usb devices also, such as an ipod, etc. It is extremely easy to use and does a good job overall in charging these devices. It is very affordably prices at around 20 US dollars and it is argued to be stronger than its solar powered competition. Still, it is in its infancy, especially in relation to it being a world dominating power adapter force.

Whatever your choice of the above two devices is, the important thing is that you are doing something for our earth and in the long run that is the most important part. Yes, the products will get better as time goes on, but it is much better to get on the bandwagon now and start altering the way you use safer power sources in the coming years.